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there was a point in my life where i would think incessantly. i loved coming up with new things to write, especially if it was an essay. i loved the structure of an essay and the clarity of thought it took to be able to write a coherent one. then one day, i got writers' block.

i no longer spend hours of my day coming up with ideas for entries. i used to think that i stopped writing because i stopped coming up with ideas. maybe i stopped thinking because i stopped writing.

of course, the notion of blogging is somewhat .. adolescent. i clicked on all of the old links to friends' blogs, and it seems that most of us have moved on.

being a college student, i have been given the opportunity to move on from adolescence, start over and become that person i have always wanted but never had the courage to be. it follows that i have spent a lot of time, then, trying to figure out who that person might be. after a good couple of weeks, though, i reverted back to myself. there is no point in putting on a show.

i have often wondered about famous people (the ones you read about in history books) and how they managed to be so quirky and interesting. it occurred to me eventually that they probably did not consider themselves to be particularly quirky and interesting, and they certainly did not try to be eccentric. they just did what they liked.

it takes a lot of courage to always do what you like, though.

myblog.de has changed around a bit, so it will take me a while to fix everything up.

2.2.07 23:25