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goddamn you movie star

.. practicing for the 18th.

for some reason the word practicing looks wrong. it has been far too long since i have written (the post below is from a few days after the end of school). it has been so long that the www.myblog.de website has been pushed out of the list of addresses on my address bar. you know, the list you get when you click the little arrow..

it is not for lack of things to talk about. i always think, and i always want to share those thoughts, under the delusion and the dull hope that one day, one of them will shake the world.

if i were feeling cynical, i would say it was for lack of things to procrastinate. i am not feeling cynical.

it is for lack of certainty. i am used to adaptation, but right now i have no environment. i am hanging in limbo, ready to give up this place but not ready to move on.. i am waiting. worse yet, i do not know what i am waiting for, since i have no idea what to expect.

this is screaming,

26.7.06 06:37