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i'm talented at breathing

..especially exhaling. :: sigh::

it is amazing how exciting new things can be. the thrill of adaptation - adrenaline rushes through you as a means of survival. your thinking has quickened, your perception is enhanced, and you feel your heart beating. it feels like a crush.

people can become addicted to that kind of feeling. they look for new things and for excitement. people can become nostalgic over that feeling, too. they can try to relive the feeling through memories, day after day trying to grasp a feeling that slips through cracks..

that feeling cannot last, and life is too short to seek cheap thrills through rollercoasters and photographs. life is for living and loving - two things you want to last you your lifetime.

all new things are exciting. not all old things remain worthwhile. things are best evaluated by how well they last and by how much they change you. will new things still be worthwhile once they become old?

old is not bad. feelings other than exciting are not bad. they have meaning - much more meaning than a thrill. new feelings for old things are just as good as new things. pay attention and savor them.

so that my chest will rise and fall with yours,

5.6.06 02:41