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Welcome to my Teenage Angst

Hello visitor. My guess is that you are either an old friend or someone who googled my name and somehow found this site. If you are the latter, please allow me to put this blog into some context:

I started blogging when I was in high school and stopped shortly afterwards. These entries detail my thoughts and activities of the time. If you do take the time to look through what I wrote, consider it a starting point from which I've grown immensely.

I don't necessarily have the same opinions I did all those years ago. Still, I haven't been able to deactivate the site and lose everything I've cataloged here. Although sometimes these memories cause me to cringe, other times they reveal fond events that continue to impact my life in a significant way.

If you'd like to learn more about my current life, I'd suggest you check out my photo blog (www.blipfoto.com/britni) or my own website that will be online soon (www.britnicrocker.com).

Thanks for taking some interest into my life,

4.9.11 12:20