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the elusivity of exclusivity

there was a lot of drama towards the beginning of the semester at school because of sorority and fraternity rush. students were longing after acceptance into their group of choice and offended when some of the more exclusive groups turned them down, even if they did not want to go there in the first place.

what is it about exclusivity that draws us in? what makes us long to be part of that exclusive clique or that particular sorority?

.. to be blunt: why do we always want what we can't have?

jealousy is an obvious evolutionary explanation. we want what others have because we want the best mate or the best future for our children. this explanation, however, falls short of completely answering the question. it tells us why we want what others have, but we also want what others do not have.

we want that which no one can have. for example, we want to understand the world around us. we want absolutes. we want security. the problem that arises with our ability to think rationally is our inclination to rationalize anything, however falsely. we are inclined to make sense of the world around us.

not only are we so inclined, but there exist some that are completely driven by this inclination. while we all rationalize to some extent, there are those that seek further. an interesting observation of this group is that the members are particularly susceptible to the enticement provided from exclusivity - the enticement of a puzzle that can be taken apart.

you either don't know what i mean, you think you know what i mean, or you fall into a third category. if you think you fall into that third category, let me know.

13.2.07 20:36