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Hello visitor. My guess is that you are either an old friend or someone who googled my name and somehow found this site. If you are the latter, please allow me to put this blog into some context:

I started blogging when I was in high school and stopped shortly afterwards. These entries detail my thoughts and activities of the time. If you do take the time to look through what I wrote, consider it a starting point from which I've grown immensely.

I don't necessarily have the same opinions I did all those years ago. Still, I haven't been able to deactivate the site and lose everything I've cataloged here. Although sometimes these memories cause me to cringe, other times they reveal fond events that continue to impact my life in a significant way.

If you'd like to learn more about my current life, I'd suggest you check out my photo blog (www.blipfoto.com/britni) or my own website that will be online soon (www.britnicrocker.com).

Thanks for taking some interest into my life,

4.9.11 12:20

this wall will crumble and fall

there is something cold and obnoxious about a completely logical assertion. before you stands an assertion, defiant and bold and completely logical, but you stubbornly resist the logic, feeling the heat of a humiliated and prideful blush. i think i need an example.

logical statement: bugs are nutritious and should become a regular part of your diet.

i mean.. it is true. bugs are a relatively decent source of protein and probably would benefit your diet. do i have any converts?

yeah, me neither. because although the statement is logical, it just isn't reasonable. other than the few (or perhaps many) of us for whom common sense does not exist, we can all draw the distinction quite clearly.

there is a great deal to be said for being reasonable. it shows understanding not only of the contained system but also of the situation containing the system. in reality, no system is contained. a logical statement takes the facts and arranges them into an order that is consistent; a reasonable statement takes the facts and arranges them into a construct that makes sense.

logic defined the generation before us. capitalism - an endless pursuit of high profitability and growth within the economy, but no search for any kind of context for that profitability and growth within society. democratization - the assertion of various freedoms and rights, but the refusal to acknowledge the right to reject those freedoms willingly. empiricism - the search for rules of nature that define the physical world, but also the systematic rejection of any importance to ideals that reach beyond.

our generation is changing the world, and i think we lay claim to the start of a revolution of true reason - to seek reasonable answers to all problems, physical, philosophical, or otherwise. we have progressed with a rejection of pure logic, not with the emotional fervor and impulsiveness of the romantics but with emotional maturity and common sense. we see beyond the numbers. we see beyond the logic. we work together, and we see the whole.

i feel out of practice,

23.2.07 06:36

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